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XFCE – Tweaks, Tips and Tricks

Taken from XFCE sources (xfce4-session-4.4.0.t...
First of all, I probably made XFCE use little more processes and made it little heavier than it usually is. But if you love the layout and the applications, you might consider using it anyway. And some users don’t like Gnome 3 at all. So this post might help you consider trying XFCE again.

Use normal sound icon in system tray

Lets start with adding a “normal” sound icon in system tray area. That has increase/decrease sound when leftclick on it. And little more settings to change sound in your system.
sudo conary update gnome-media
It wont install any other dependencies of Gnome, so you wont poison your XFCE at all.

Use Notify-osd

Now we might want to make it look little nicer. so let’s change notify package. First we need to uninstall current one, before we install notify-osd.
Uninstall default one in XFCE:
sudo conary erase xfce4-notifyd
Install notify-osd instead:
sudo conary update notify-osd
And it’s done, should now see notify-osd when increasing sound in your laptop (or similar). Need to restart pidgin though, to see changes there.

Udev-notify for hardware devices

To make new hardware to show notifies alot nicer, you need to install udev-notify.
Open terminal and write
sudo conary update udev-notify

Read more about udev-notify here.

Recent Documents

You also missing recent documents? Then you need to add “Places” in your panel to be able to see recent documents. Also make sure you have xfce4-places-plugin. It’s in Foresight XFCE as default.

And today, this is how my desktop look like:

Remember that all packages that I write about, always is in fl:2-devel label. To see your current label, open terminal and write:
conary q group-gnome-dist --labels
Read more at: Development page

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