Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Collection of Very Useful Linux Web Site Links.

Use this set of bookmarks to help you learn more about Linux in general, and openSUSE in particular:

.—This is the Linux portal at IBM, which has news,
reports, and white papers related to this important Linux player. Check the SUSE
Linux link under “Linux Distributors” for material related to IBM support for SUSE
Linux products.
.—This is the English-language home of the openSUSE project.
Download the latest version for testing and use. Sign up for a mailing list and
contribute to the openSUSE wiki. For other languages, start at
.—This is the English-language home of openSUSE’s
commercial siblings, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Desktop. It offers news,
downloads, and support.
.—This is a direct link to the openSUSE support data-
.—Learn about the ReiserFS file system here.
.—This is the Linux Documentation Project. This is where to go
for general Linux questions and to learn about many of the applications included in
your openSUSE distribution.
. —This is Linux Online’s global list of Linux User Groups.
.—This is The Google Linux-specific search page.
.—The Linux Gazette, “making Linux just a little more fun,” is
oriented toward new Linux users. Ask The Answer Gang your question.
.—The Linux Journal is the oldest monthly print magazine
covering all things Linux. Most of the archives are available only to subscribers, but
there’s much valuable content for everyone on the site.
.—This is the US-based Linux Magazine. Print articles
appear online 60 days after its release. They have weekly email newsletters too.
.—This site is focused on enterprise Linux, but is still
a good resource for Linux news.
.—This is the Germany-based Linux Magazine, a
print magazine featuring a monthly distribution disk.
.—This is Linux Weekly News, one of the oldest sources of Linux
news online.
.—This is “the online newspaper for Linux and Open Source.”
.—This is the SUSE Users
Yahoo Group page.
.—News and information on hundreds of Unix distributions,
including openSUSE.
.—The SUSE Linux bug database.

Feel free to post any other links you would like to add to this list :)


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